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How Does Our
Service Work?

Your Sites

Provide us with more detail about your sites, and what you’re looking to accomplish.


Provide us with a list of requirements: minimum Domain Rating, minimum Traffic, niches, etc…


We’ll send on-going guest post opportunities, all you need to do is accept or reject the article topic or website.

We are heavily focused on quality, as such, we only accept 5-10 new partnerships per month.

While there is no cost to this service, we do request that we publish a relevent piece of content on your blog. Learn more about our awesome writing services.

Ready to get started?

Looking for more information? Book a Call here

Looking for more information? Book a Call here

Still not convinced?

Not only are you receiving highly optimized and relevant content for your target client, you’re receiving incredibly powerful backlinks that are guaranteed to rank your content.

Why SaaS-y Content?

SaaS-y content writes some of the highest levels of content in the industry. Each piece of content goes through multiple review phases:

Writing for a purpose

Look for keywords that you’re competitors are ranking for (where you are not) and build a content strategy around that

Keyword Targeting

Conduct initial keyword research and recommend 2-3 focus terms and 4-7 secondary terms for the piece.

Content Outline and Clearscope Optimization

An industry expert builds the initial outline and incorporates keyword targeting and recommended keywords suggested by Clearscope (an industry leading content AI tool)

Write the First Draft

Once the outline is complete, our award-winning content team puts together the first draft

Subject Matter Expert

Content goes through a second pass, reviewed by a local industry expert. These experts are matched based on the content topic selected.


We’re almost done… Our lead editor-in-chief reviews and edits each piece of content before sending it to your team for approval.

Now what? Once the article is published, a credit is applied to your account that can be used for a comparable guest post article we’re working on for another site.


How many links can I get per month?

Currently, we can offer a maximum of 10 links / month

What types of sites do you have access to?

We focus on high authority (DR70+) sites with a minimum of 10,000 visitors / month (based off of AHREFs metrics). We work with companies who do not sell links and have an editorial review process in place. We believe this is the future of link-building.

Looking for a list of recent sites we’ve built links on? Please fill out the form here.

Can I see a few examples of your content?

Of course! Please fill out this form and a member of our team will send you a few samples of our work.

What is Clearscope?

Clearscope is the best-in-class SEO content optimization platform
that drives search traffic.